SR-700 DC-100/600 DA-300/600/1200 BC/SC/MU Battery Charger
Q1. My problem is that the battery voltage supply for the SR-700 can drop to 9 volts for up
to 30 seconds. I know the SR-700 is rated down to 10 volts. What will it do at 9 volts?

A1. When the input voltage of the SR-700 drops, the input current increases in order
to supply the necessary power to the output. SR-700 guarantee the regulated output
within the specified input voltage range. If the input voltage drops below 10V DC,
the output may not be regulated and there is a possibility of burning the input
fuses due to too large input current when the input voltage is very low (less than 8V).

Q2. How does the over current and over voltage protection work? Does the unit shut down?
When does it come back to life?

A2. The output OVP will total cut off the unit. The unit resumes to work by power off and
on the unit again. For over current protect, the output current is limited to its maximum
setting. If the current limit condition holds for long, it may activate the over temperature

Q3. Do you have temperature derating curves for the SR-700? I mean, if it is run at higher
temperatures, what is the maximum current output?

A3. The maximum current linear derating factor is approximately 1A/deg C.

Q4. The DC-600, etc. are rated by amps output, a DC-600 would have 60 amps maximum output,
for 10 minutes. Are the SR-700 and SR-500 rated at 70 amps and 50 amps for 10 minutes,
or are they rated at 700 watts and 500 watts? What is the maximum current, and how long
can it last for the SR series?

A4. The current rating table.
Model SR-500 SR-700
Maximum Current (10 minutes) 40A 50A
Continuous Current (3 hours) 20A 25A
Continuous Current (24 hours) 15A 20A

Q5. Are these DC converters fully isolated, or do the input and output share a common ground?

A5. SR converter are not isolated types.

Q6. When the high temperature protection circuit works, does it shut down the unit temporarily
or burn a fuse?

A6. Over temperature protection will total shut down the unit and the unit can resume to work
by power off and on the unit.

Q7. Is the fuze easily accessible?

A7. The fuses are at the rear panel and it is very easy to access.