DC-AC Inverter

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Features :

  • 16MHz RISC High Speed MCU Digital Control
  • Low Input Voltage Drop Out
  • Input Binding Posts
  • 2 LED Multi-function Indicators :
    Battery Low, Battery Alarm, Short Circuit,
    Over Temperature, Over Voltage
  • Buzzer Alert
  • Input Fuse Protect
  • DC Input Polarity Reverse Protection
  • Input/Output Over Voltage Protect
  • Input Battery Low Warning
  • Modified Sine AC Output
  • Output Current Limit
  • Output Short Circuit Protect
  • Over Temperature Protect
  • Switch Mode Operation, High Efficiency (~90%)
  • True Continuous Rated Power Without Overheating
  • Power MOSFET. Forced Air Cooling
  • Good Load & Line Regulation
  • Blue Anodized Aluminium Housing with Mounting Clips
  • LED Multi-function Indicators and Buzzer Alert:
    LED IndicatorsBuzzer AlertStatus
    Battery Low
    Battery Alarm
    Input Over Voltage
    Over Temperature
    Short Circuit

    Models :

    ModelDC Input AC OutputRated Power Max. Power
    DA-300-12-2 12V 220V 250W 300W
    DA-600-12-2 500W 600W
    DA-1200-12-2 1000W 1200W
    DA-300-12-1 110V 250W 300W
    DA-600-12-1 500W 600W
    DA-1200-12-1 1000W 1200W
    DA-300-24-2 24V 220V 250W 300W
    DA-600-24-2 500W 600W
    DA-1200-24-2 1000W 1200W
    DA-300-24-1 110V 250W 300W
    DA-600-24-1 500W 600W
    DA-1200-24-1 1000W 1200W
    Download Detail Specification
    Download DA-300 Outline and Mounting Drawing
    Download DA-600 Outline and Mounting Drawing
    Download DA-1200 Outline and Mounting Drawing