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Hydrogen injection is a fantastic opportunity to make the first step to an end goal of an efficient engine that will run without any fossil fuel. It is the technology of using hydrogen as a combustion enhancement in internal combustion engines. Hydrogen injection consists of two main elements; Hydrogen and Oxygen. The purpose of these two elements is to split the long molecular chains of the fossil fuels. Hereby the combustion will be more complete and at a lower temperature which leads to a dramatically decrease of harmful exhaust emissions. Because the hydrogen works as a catalyser the combustion engine has a higher efficiency which leads to a lower fuel consumption.

The advantages of hydrogen inject include:

  • Reduction of fuel consumption (about 10-20%)
  • Lower NOx emissions
  • Lower CO and CO2 emissions
  • Longer lifetime of the engine and lower maintenance costs
  • Features :

  • Specially design to power vehicle hydrogen electrolysizer for hydrogen injection
  • Convert 12V dc input voltage to constant dc output current
  • Adjustable output current
  • Panel LEDs for converter status monitoring
  • External LED connection for low output voltage alert which implies the electrolyte's resistance is too low
  • External thermistor for vehicle hydrogen electrolysizer temperature monitoring
  • Input polarity Protect
  • Low & high input voltage Protect(Auto Resume)
  • Output short circuit Protect(Auto Resume)
  • Output over voltage Protect(Auto Resume)
  • Over temperature Protect(Auto Resume

  • Models :

    Input Voltage Output
    Voltage Current
    DC-1204-30 10V - 15V 3.5 - 4.8V28 - 32A
    Download Detail Specification