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No Matter How Unstable Your DC Input Voltage Is (Higher Than Or
Below The Desire Value) UDC Converter Always Keeps A Stable And
Low Noise DC Output Voltage For Your Equipment

Features :

  • Design for converting an unregulated/unstable dc voltage to a regulated
    dc voltage
  • Suitable for marine and automotive applications. Suitable for converting
    unregulated/unstable dc voltage to regulated dc voltage
  • Switch-mode technology (100KHz)
  • Isolated input and output but with common ground
  • Good load and line regulations
  • Wide input voltage input range
  • Fully electrical protected
      (1) Input polarity protection.
      (2) Input low voltage drop out [power off resume]
      (3) Input high voltage protection [power off resume]
      (4) Output short circuit protection [auto resume]
      (5) Output current limit [auto resume]
      (6) Over temperature protection [power off resume]
  • Anodized blue colour aluminium extrusion housing
  • Models :

    Input Voltage Output
    Cont' Current Voltage
    UDC-1212-8 10V - 15V 8A12V
    UDC-1219-5 10V - 15V 5A19V
    UDC-1224-4 10V - 15V 4A24V
    UDC-2419-5 20V - 30V 5A19V
    UDC-2424-4 20V - 30V 4A24V
    UDC-1260-11 10V - 15V 11A6V
    UDC-1285-11 10V - 15V 11A8.5V
    UDC-2460-11 20V - 30V 11A6V
    * Remark: Customized Input And Output Voltages are available.
       The part number is UDC-IIOO-A
       I: Input Voltage  O: Output Voltage  A: Output Current
       Maximum Continuous Output Power: 100W
    Download Detail Specification