SR-700 DC-100/600 DA-300/600/1200 BC/SC/MU Battery Charger
MU-1267A / MU-1277A MU-1244A / MU-1248A / MU-1215A / MU-1230A / MU-2415A
BC-1212-15 / BC-2412-15 / BC-1224-10 / BC-2424-10
SC-1267A / SC-1277A / SC-1244A / SC-1215A / SC-1248A
Q1. What is the different between MU charger and traditional car battery charger?
A1. There are two major types of battery charger:
Charging Control Method Major Problem
(1) Timer Control Charger: fix voltage charging,
using a timer to control charging time
Not fully charged cause of battery charging characteristic
(2) High speed charging: using higher charging
current or high voltage pulse
battery over heat, damage the battery chemical and shorten
the battery life time

MU Charger using adaptive charging. Charger automatically adjust charging method and auto-cut operation
accounting to the actual battery condition. Make the battery always fully charge and have longer life time.
Q2. Traditional battery charger have a voltage meter or a current meter to show the charging status. MU did not
have a meter. How can it identify a battery is fully charge or not.
A2. During a battery is charging to it's 80% capacity, the voltage change and charge current will become very small.
This makes a analogy voltage/current meter imposible to identify the battery fully charged condition. MU Charger
using Micro-processor to continuous analyze the charging change. You just need to select a matched charging
capacity(Ah) and voltage, the processor will control the charging voltage and current in 4 charging
mode until the battery full. Therefore, you can see the charger LED toggle through "T-B","B-O","O-F" and
finally to "F" LED in a short time.
Q3. Why my charger still in standby mode even the battery has been connected ?
A3. The charge cannot detect the battery:
(1) Check battery polarity,terminal and the cables.
(2) Faulty battery.
Q4. After battery is connected, T & B LEDs flash in cyclic mode and leave T LED flash immediately
or only after about 1 min.
A4. Abnormal battery voltage:
(1) Check the setting of battery voltage.
(2) Faulty battery.
Q5. After battery is connected, T & B LEDs flash in cyclic mode only. Or It always jumps back to
T LED from O or F repeatly.
A5. Aged battery with large leakage current. Need to change the battery.
Q6. The charger jumps to float charge( "F" LED) after a discharged battery is connected.
A6. (1) The set charging capacity is too high. Lower the charging capacity setting
(2) Aged battery with large internal resistance. Need to change the battery.

Q7. The "F" LED light-on but it restart the charging sequence after several hours, did the charger have any problem?
A7. Aged battery with large leakage current. The battery voltage drop to abnormal level after fully charged.
Need to change the battery.