SC Series Switch-mode Intelligent Battery Charger

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Features :

  • Microcontroller Based
  • 3-Level 4-Stage Adaptive Charging
    (i.e. Constant Current, Constant Voltage, Over Voltage & Float Charging)
    Maintain battery at good condition, full capacity and operating life
  • Pulse Charging with Periodic Battery Voltage and Current Monitoring
  • Standby Mode With No Output Charging Pulse
  • Pump Charge at 1st 40 Seconds in Standby Mode for Over Discharge Batteries
  • Four Panel LEDs with Buzzer Alert
  • Switch-Mode Technology
  • Adjustable Charging Capacity
    Suitable For 10Ah - 150Ah Lead-Acid, Ni-Cd & Ni-MH Batteries
  • Ensure 100% Re-Charging
  • Full Protection Features : Short Circuit, Battery Polarity Reverse,
    Wrong Battery Voltage and Over Temperature Protections
  • 1.5kg Light Weight (SC-1215A/SC-1248A 1.7kg)
  • 4 Stage Adaptive Charging

    Models :

    Voltage Battery CapacityPeak Current
    SC-1267A 6V / 12V 1Ah-70Ah7A
    SC-1277A 7.2V / 12V 1Ah-70Ah7A
    SC-1244A 12V / 24V 1Ah-40Ah4A
    SC-1215A 6V / 12V 35Ah-150Ah15A
    SC-1248A 12V / 24V 35Ah-80Ah8A
    Download Detail Specification